Production & Licensing

A Christmas Carol: The Concert is perfect for symphony orchestras’ holiday season.

While major productions, including the PBS special, have had ambitious budgets, all that is needed is a multi-color wash for the orchestra & choir, and 7 specials—-one for each of the actors (including Belle) one for the 1st chair cellist, and one for the violin player who will play the “Irish Fiddle” solos.

The photo above is from the Baltimore Symphony premiere and gives a good idea of a more minimal production.

When an orchestra hires our “package” of 4 actors, 3 musicians, a conductor and stage manager, it’s no problem getting the piece pulled together (including sound & lights) in your normal “3-hour rehearsal.”

Orchestra Needs

Strings:  Standard symphonic string section plus Harp with principal cellist playing solos and one violin player who can play “Irish Fiddle”.

Brass:  Three trumpets, three french horns, two tenor trombones, one bass trombone and one (optional) tuba.

Woodwinds:  One each – Piccolo, flute, English horn, oboe, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon and contra bassoon.

Percussion:  5 percussion players playing a variety of percussion including timpani.

Rhythm Section:  Piano, Keyboard 2 (various keyboard sounds & effects), one guitar player (electric & acoustic), 5 string electric bass and standard “rock” drum set.

Production Needs

Lighting:  Specials on all 4 soloists, principal cellist and “Irish fiddle” player. Standard wash on orchestra and chorus.

Sound:  Standard orchestra & choir miking plus four wireless body mikes for the soloists, principal cellist mike, “Irish Fiddle” mike, inputs for two electronic keyboards, and mikes for electric & acoustic guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Costumes: Period costume for Scrooge and The Narrator. There will be small costume pieces for Actors 1 & 2. The roll of “Belle” will be filled by a singer from each local choir, and her costume will vary.


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